About Me

Who am I?

As you might have been able to guess my name is Luke (he/him pronouns) and I am currently a PhD student at Lancaster University, an Associate Fellow of Advance HE (AFHEA) and a professional member of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (MBCS).

Before my PhD I did my BSc in Software Engineering, also at Lancaster, from October 2019 up to graduating with a first in 2022.

As a brief description of some of my labels, I am an autistic individual with ADHD who also happens to be part of the LGBTQ+ community.
For a more detailed description of who I am and what I get up to, read below.

Why the website?

The reason I made this website was partially to host my blog, but also to allow me to have all my work and interests in one place. This will hopefully include any publications I work on or projects I take part in, either in academia or in my other activities.

Picture of Luke Halpin in graduation attire outside Lancaster University School of Computing and Communications

As a PhD Student

My PhD is in computer science, but also has large overlaps with educational research, psychology and sociology. The overlap is to the point that I have two supervisors from the computing department and one from educational research.

The current topic I am looking at is supporting the learning and engagement of students with ADHD using technology. This is quite a personal research project for me, due to the fact that as mentioned above, I have ADHD and as a result am familiar with the struggle people like me face in education, and that sometimes the current support is not enough.

My hope is that my research will help me create a better understanding of ADHD in education, and how we can create tools to support and help students to make the most of a more accessible education. 

My research interests

My research interest beyond my current work as part of my PhD include a variety of areas in HCI (Human Computer Interaction) as well as other topics more on the human side, such as:


Digital accessibility

Inclusive technology

Digital education and technology enhanced learning

Technology in society and its impact on people with protected characteristics

Equality, Diversity and inclusivity work in society and academia

Supporting ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions

Outside of my studies

When I am not working on my PhD, I enjoy a range of activities. This includes voluntary work primarily to support students and people with disabilities or other protected characteristics. Some roles I hold are:

General member for the BCS ICT Ethics specialist group committee

R&D Liaison for the BCS specialist group NeurodiverseIT committee

LGBTQIA+ department ally

Department EDI committee Student representative


My main recreational activities are reading and fencing with my university club, evidence of which can be seen to the right

A picture of Luke wearing fencing gear

Where else you can find me

Lancaster University
Here you can find my page on my departments website
Here you can find my LinkedIn profile
Here you can find my professional twitter account